April 10th, 1410 - John Trevor died - he was the Bishop of St Asaph and a supporter of Glyndŵr.

Spring 1412 - Dafydd Gam, the anglophile, was captured and then held for ransom by Glyndŵr.

April 9th, 1413 - Henry V was crowned at Westminster - Catrin Glyndŵr and her children had died in the Tower of London before this date.

March 10th, 1414 - The Earl of Arundel, Sir Edward Charleton and David Holbache supervised the surrender of 600 of Glyndŵr’s army at Bala.

September 20th, 1415 - Glyndŵr may have died on or around this date at Lawton’s Hope (near Canon Pyon, Herefordshire).

February 24th, 1416 - Glyndŵr probably died before this date - his son, Maredudd, received a pardon from Henry V on Owain’s behalf.



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Timeline - 1410-1416

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