February 21st, 1402 - A comet was visible in the sky until April 10th – it was an important omen for Glyndŵr.

April 1402 - Glyndŵr attacked Ruthin and captured Reginald Grey.

June 22nd, 1402 - Battle of Bryn Glas, at Pilleth near Knighton, where Edmund Mortimer was captured by Glyndŵr.

August 1402 - Glyndŵr’s army moved south into Gwent and Glamorgan, attacking English-held towns on their way.

September 7th, 1402 - Henry IV was nearly killed during a storm while on a ‘Royal Expedition’.

November 11th, 1402 - Glyndŵr was paid a ransom of 10,000 marks for Reginald de Grey.

November 30th, 1402 - Edmund Mortimer was released by Glyndŵr and then married his daughter, Catrin.

December 13th, 1402 - Edmund Mortimer declared his support for Glyndŵr to the Marcher Lords.



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Timeline - 1402

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