January 12th, 1405 - Glyndŵr signed a treaty with the French at Aberystwyth Castle.

February 15th, 1405 - Lady Despenser (Constance of York) failed to take the Mortimer heirs to safety in Caerffili Castle.

February 28th, 1405 - The Tripartite Indenture was signed by Glyndŵr, Edmund Mortimer and the Earl of Northumberland. Click here

March 11th, 1405 - Glyndŵr's men were defeated at Grosmont - and Rhys Gethin was probably killed. Click here

May 5th, 1405 - Battle of Pwll Melyn - Gruffudd ab Owain Glyndŵr was captured and Glyndŵr’s brother, Tudur, was killed.

June 1405 - Gruffudd Yonge and John Hanmer were captured - a reward was paid for Hanmer.

August 1405 - Cardigan Castle was captured which allowed Glyndŵr an escape route up the West coast.

August 1405 - Glyndŵr held his second Parliament in Harlech attended by ambassadors from Scotland, France, Brittany and Castille.

Early August 1405 - A large French army arrived in Milford Haven to join Glyndŵr - but many of their war horses had died on the voyage.

August 1405 - The Franco-Welsh force attacked Haverfordwest and then Tenby.

August 22nd, 1405 - Glyndŵr and Henry IV confronted each other in the Teme Valley near Worcester - the Franco-Welsh army camped on Woodbury Hill, and the English army on Abberley Hill.

August/September 1405 - After eight days of stalemate in the Teme Valley, the armies of Glyndŵr and Henry IV went home in different directions without a battle.

September 10th, 1405 - Henry IV invaded Wales again on a ‘Royal Expedition’ and ended the siege at Coity Castle.

November 1405 - The people of Pembroke paid Glyndŵr £200 in silver not to attack them.



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Timeline - 1405

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