February 21st, 1401 - The English Parliament reported that the Welsh were ‘in a dangerous mood’.

March 1401 - Penal Laws against the Welsh.

April 1st, 1401 - Rhys and Gwilym ap Tudur captured Conwy Castle.

May 31st 1401 - Henry Hotspur was at Dolgellau for the Battle of Cadair Idris - and around the same time John Charleton, Lord of Powys, attacked Glyndŵr’s forces near Dinas Mawddwy.

une 1401 - Hywel Sele attacked Glyndŵr at Nannau but he was killed and his body dropped into a hollow tree.

Late June 1401 - Battle of Hyddgen, Pumlumon (possibly on June 22nd).

June 24th, 1401 - Henry Percy (Hotspur) took control of Conwy Castle.

August 1401 - Glyndŵr probably attacked Abbey Cwm Hir, followed by New Radnor, Montgomery and Welshpool.

October 1401 - In response to the Battle of Hyddgen, Henry IV and his troops attacked the abbey at Strata Florida on a ‘Royal Expedition’.

October 9th, 1401 - Llywelyn ap Gruffudd Fychan was hung, drawn and quartered in Llandovery by Henry IV.

November 2nd, 1401 - The Battle of Twthill in Caernarfon.

November 29th, 1401 - Glyndŵr opened diplomatic negotiations with Robert III of Scotland and the lords of Ireland, declaring himself an independent sovereign.



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Timeline - 1401

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