March 6th, 1406 - Hywel Gwynedd, a supporter of Glyndŵr, was killed on Halkyn Mountain by the burgesses of Flint.

March 31st, 1406 - Glyndŵr sent the ‘Pennal Letter’ to Charles VI, King of France.
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April 4th, 1406 - Robert III of Scotland died, he had been a supporter of Glyndŵr.

August 1406 - Henry Dwn again attacked Kidwelly.

October 1406 - Gower, the Towy Valley and most of Ceredigion surrendered to Henry IV - probably due to pardons offered by Prince Henry.

November 18th, 1406 - Glyndŵr’s men attacked Rhuddlan and killed Maredudd Ieuan Gwyn, a spy for the English.

February 10th, 1407 - After Glyndŵr had lost support there in 1405, a pardon was granted to the tenants of most of Monmouthshire for ‘felonies and insurrections against the English’.

May 1407 - Prince Henry supervised the siege of Aberystwyth.

August 1407 - Harlech Castle was also put under siege.

November 23rd, 1407 - The assassination of the Duc D’Orleans in Paris - a supporter of Glyndŵr.

February 19th, 1408 - Henry Percy, the Earl of Northumberland and an ally of Glyndŵr, was killed at the Battle of Bramham Moor near Wetherby.

September 23rd, 1408 - Aberystwyth Castle fell to the English following a long siege.

February 1409 - The siege of Harlech Castle ended and Glyndŵr’s family was taken to the Tower of London - Edmund Mortimer had died in the castle at some time during the harsh winter.

May 1409 - The defender of Aberystwyth Castle, Rhys Ddu, was tortured to death in the Tower of London.

May 16th, 1409 - The ‘Last Great Raids’ in the Marches - Glyndŵr caused panic in Oswestry, Knockin and Rhuthun then moved into Shropshire.

May 1409 - Rhys ap Tudor and Philip Scudamore were badly injured and captured at Welshpool, and then executed in Chester.



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Timeline - 1406-1409

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