Medieval Wales

The Age of Princes (Owain Glyndwr) [KS2]

Travelling back to the Middle Ages [KS2]

Cadw Castles STEM Resource [KS2]

Denbigh Castle Handling Collection activity pack [KS2]

Manuscripts in the Middle Ages [KS2 & 3]

The White Book of Rhydderch (The Mabinogion) [KS2 & 3]

St David, the Patron Saint of Wales [KS2 & 3]

The Life of a Monk in the Middle Ages [KS2 & 3]

History of Wales: Age of the Princes [KS2 & 3]

Welsh Rulers

Conquest of Wales

Castles and Courts

Everyday Life



Owain Glyndwr [KS3]

Cadw Castles STEM Resource [KS3]

Castles Literacy Resource [KS3]

Teaching Local History (Carmarthen) [KS3]

Castles in Wales [KS3]

History starter activities (The Normans) [KS3]

Wales and its History [KS3 & 4]